Ultra Marathon in Fakatchee

This event has ended


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Are you an ultra-runner? A half-marathoner?  Looking for a great trail race in South Florida? EVERGLADES ULTRAS has a place saved just for you! Join us in Copeland, FL, near Everglades City, for the seventh annual EVERGLADES ULTRAS trail races at Fakahatchee Strand Preserve. This is the Real Deal, Folks! We guaranty you’ve never run anything like it.  But register early: the overall runner limit for 2019 will be 300.

The race venue–the Fakahatchee Strand Preserve State Park–is a Florida treasure.  It is a beautiful and diverse wilderness located between “Alligator Alley” and “Tamiami Trail” in the Florida Everglades, 90 minutes from Miami and Fort Lauderdale. It is the largest state park in Florida covering 80,000 acres, and features a wide variety of Everglades habitats—bald cypress swamp lowlands, grassland prairie, tropical hardwood hammocks and pine rock lands. The Fakahatchee features the largest selection of species of orchids and bromeliads in North America.  Living here are Florida panther, black bear, deer, alligator, bobcat, Everglades mink, diamondback terrapin and water fowl and migratory birds too numerous to count. Its groves of native royal palms are the largest in the state and the only place in the world where bald cypress and royal palm share the forest canopy.

Runners–and walkers!–may see it all, traveling along old logging “trams”–raised trails preserved and maintained for access to various sections of the park. Fully provisioned aid stations are carefully placed along the race routes, which include views of the great diversity of the Fakahatchee.  Weather conditions and rainfall can vary greatly in the Everglades. Specific race routes are designed each year to take advantage of these differences.

Here’s what Val Wright, Jupiter FL, had to say about her 2013 race experience: “This was my first trail run and I didn’t know what to expect…  It was exciting and different running that terrain and not knowing what lurked around the corner. I was in sensory overload because I wanted to look around and enjoy the incredible and lush scenery, but I also needed to look down so I could keep upright.  And secretly,  I wanted to spot something a little more treacherous than happy runners and dirt so I could brag of my exploits running through trails and fighting off danger like Indiana Jones. Alas, I arrived safely at the finish line to enjoy my beer and burgers with nary a scratch. I can’t wait for next year.”