One Year Ago Today…

One year ago today SW Florida was hit hard by Hurricane Irma.

There has been much progress, but many of our friends and neighbors are still displaced and living in temporary housing.

Although we have made great strides and our community is strong , there is still much to do here.

Don’t forget about all of the hurricane victims in SW Florida, Houston and Puerto Rico.

Perfect Day to Celebrate the Anniversary of the Trail and Museum of the Everglades

The celebration on Saturday, April 28th, was the perfect day.  The weather cooperated!  The crowd was energetic and the fanfare was better than expected.  On a day where you can enjoy a Dixieland Band, meet descendants of Barron Gift Collier, see historical re-enactments, not much else can be squeezed in…or can it?

For such a tiny little town, Everglades City sure knows how to put on a party!  The Rod and Gun Club hosted the tea, locals and folks from near and far came to see, and the purpose of the Trail was never so evident.  The southwest coast of Florida is far too beautiful to ignore and Barron Collier knew this over 90 years ago when he took on the project that would change the face of Florida forever.  Thanks to the Friends of the Museum of the Everglades (www.evergladesmuseum.org) for organizing the event!    Below Collier descendants Barry, Dana, Maria & Terry out side of Everglades City Hall during the festivities.